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Inspired by classics such as The Legend of Zelda and Deus Ex, the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy brings you an adventure like no other. As an avatar of the powerful beings that once protected this land, you are called forth to defend it from a legendary storm. Drawing upon the remaining vestiges of the gods’ power, and armed with their tools, you will breathe life into their timeless rituals in order to turn back, and finally eradicate, the looming threat. In The Calm Before, you must battle terrible beasts and solve ancient puzzles to save the island from utter destruction.

Save the Island from Destruction

We combined two of our favorite mechanics: Time Pressure and Player Choice.  The looming storm is the ticking clock, pushing the player ever forward.  In this world, you come across a variety of challenges and it’s up to you to choose how to overcome them.

The Storm Is Coming

Dev Blog

HUD and In-Game UI

Learning Unity’s Canvas System Unity 4.6 Canvas system is pretty powerful but no one on the team had worked with it before.  So the first thing that I did to learn about the Canvas was to read through the Unity Docs and watch the tutorials that they have on their site.  It took me a […]

Stop Working, Start Playing

As a game developer, there are many reasons you may not want to play your game: many people don’t like seeing their own work; perhaps you don’t think your game is actually fun; or maybe you just want to get it done instead of spending the time to play it. All of the reasons you […]

Bringing the Tiger to Life

There was a time, long long ago, when The Calm Before was going to be crawling with animals for the player to hunt and be hunted by. Sadly, as deadlines loomed, this list got pared back more and more, until we were left with only one. Thankfully, though, this animal was our favorite – the […]